About us

titan box wear

“It is not the clothes that make the athlete good, is the athlete that makes the brand great”.

At Titan Box Wear we love to create and develop fitness apparel and accessories, this is our advantage. The athletes and the achievement of their sport goals and dreams, is our passion.

This combination of factors makes our every day job to be a restless commitment, to innovation and research. Listening to the needs and wishes of athletes, thrive us in the pursuit of efficient solutions, to use the latest textile production techniques, and to create ergonomically sound, functional and very comfortable designs. This last one the first and most important characteristic of all our garments.

Our experience together with the feedback from our customers and athletes testers, which is a essential part for the design and development of our clothes and accessories. We understand that our garments, not like a fashion that you must wear, but as apparel you want to use. With this prime difference, we strive to break from traditional standards, creating and redesigning a line of functional and highly motivational products: dots, skulls, flowers, wings, etc.

At Titan Box Wear we also train everyday. We train to keep moving forward, to develop and shape to perfection the behavior of the fabrics, making products that adapt to the athletes needs, to improve their performance and their sport experience.